Friday, April 6, 2012

New Do for Mulan

So as I was saying In my last post is I had went to the goodwill and picked up two dolls well I finally did one ! Here is use to be Mulan , I have not named her with a new name just haven't thought of a good one. Her hair reroot was very trying yet fun to see her transform. I used some human hair I had left over from some hair I had used before. It was very trying I do admit I kept boiling water and thinking to treat it like doll hair. I eventully just curled with a barreled curling iron and took it from there. here's one of her pic after the install....

Sorry the pictures crappy my camera started acting up:(

And here's her after styling and a little acrylic paint. I love practicing on the cheap dolls it's really fun and very time consuming LOL.


  1. What a transformation! She looks great and I love her outfit.

  2. Thanks Muff It was really cool to do this. Thanks for the insperation!

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  4. Her hair looks great! I have wondered how human hair does as a boil perm. I have rerooted a few dolls using human hair, but I have yet to try the boil perm on either. Well, one I actually did try, but her hair has been in the same curlers ever since (for years). Lol! I need to find her and release a curl to see. My first reroot has super long hair that I refuse to cut because of it being my first. Another reroot (commission) the hair was done in an
    updo. So no boil perm was needed. If you decide to do a boil perm with human hair, please share pics.

    1. I will Georgia Girl I really enjoyed styling the hair on her IU think I will curl it with the boil perm!