Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vintage Barbie's

Thursday boy this week just went by so slow for me . I've been struggling with trying to get over my sinus problems, I think it winning the fight LOL. But on to better thing my younger sister had found herself collecting dolls at one point and quit. I brought up the dolls in conversation to her about her dolls and where they were and she said at our mom's house:( why the sad face , because my mom is like this if you leave something at her house she is not responsible for it nor if she has it will return it. My mom collects porcelain dolls, Every time I go to her house it make me think of this movie called Dolls ... well all the dolls in that movie killed people I watched it when I was like 6 but it really stuck with me with those porcelain dolls LOL well back to the Barbie's with a little bribery and small talk I convinced her to give me the dolls their boxes are way damaged but the Barbie's are in great condition

Her face reminds me of and older Barbie like a young grandmother

Me and my camera illiterate self had the flash on that's why there's a glare on the boxes LOL but i really think she cute and her business skirt turns into party skirt to go out after work :)

Their cute I seen them on amazon for like 9.99 so not really a big deal but I love there outfits and her little bread basket .

I really liked her she has movables appendages but she has on permanent ballet slipper a new body and she will look great debating on the opening part (her box is really torn up) maybe???

My girls really want to open all of them but I promised my sister I'd hang on to them a while.