Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Colors Or No Go

So I made a Quick Weave Wig last night and Styled it Today. I would really like some feed back on the colors Hot or Not  !!!! Either way I'm going to wear it but your comments would help :)

Shrug and Cowl

Before I start this thing off let me first give a moment of prayer or whatever it is you believe in to the individuals who lost their lives in Japan. Definitely very sad for their losses my prayers go out to them. So with that being said today I just posted my shrug and Cowl. The shrug pattern I got from Anne Potter It's called a Cacoon Cardi. She did such a great job with the pattern Shot out to Anne. I really love cowl's their so fashionable and might I just add I love to crochet my fingers might as well be hook sizes LOL Have a Great Day oh yeah Quote of the Day ( Cherish life and all that's in it because we only get one).