Friday, March 29, 2013



 I don't know how many of you have kids or little girls, but mine are in love with Lalaloopsy dolls minis, and the bigger ones. For Christmas the both got the little sister lalaloopsy with hair you snap together, so long story short they needed clothes" PJ's" for some reason. So me as the nice mom ??? crocheted them some outfits!

Ps: the outfits in the stores are like 8.00 and I have 2 girls You do the math
I was crocheting away. Have a happy Friday

This one is a PJ set their bodies are shape so awkward 

This one was a pants and tank top set

This one I did a dress with little shoe's 

I plan to make a few a more anything to save a buck !

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Repaint of Cleo " Monster High"

So let me start by saying DANG to the people who create masterpiece's on theses dolls. I enjoy creating something from my imagination, but to " visualize and then do it "feels like my brain and hands have miscommunication skills lol.

So at another attempt on this dolls face. I tried once and it came out bogus luckily she has on those glasses my daughter put on her so you cant see the horror. This is what she looked like before. Not the best pic , but the only before I had.

She was the one with the bob and the china bangs. I cut her hair off and tried to repaint her lips red.  Lets just say she was a hot mess lol. 

So here's her again after I repainted her face

Cleo & Robecca

I'm satisfied with how she looks but practice make perfect and I need to keep practicing!

Again Shot out's to Chynadoll and Cat who do amazing work and those I missed you know who you are *o*

I think eyelashes are fun to do to , but forever to wait and dry ha ha until tomorrow thanks for lookin !

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"How u Doin"

Hello, I've been gone so long it's a shame well I at least have some stuff to show you. I would feel really bad if I was gone for almost a year , and had done nothing. I've been still doing my Doll thing. I've been drawing and crocheting a lot these's days so here's some of my latest work. I want to make a African American little girl Calendar, or cards.
   I just got done finishing up this girl  she's drawn on a 18x24 page. I want to frame it and give it to my mom for Mother's Day

Here she is in color

Have a Great Day !