Monday, April 16, 2012

From Az to Morristown

So finally I'm ready for the wedding I'm possibly the biggest procrastinator in my family:)  I finally got around to finding who was going and what they were wearing. With a few finger pricks I sewed this Dress together for the big day. I am so happy for Danielle and Rod they have found what so many are searching for  LOVE:) Congrats to them and much love to their fam!

So I decided to take a picture of MaDori by my pool in AZ you know everyone needs a pool if you stay here. Seriously it gets to 113* out here :(
MaDori  wanted to take a dip before we headed out to the airport, I told her there was no time for that we had used up all our time and needed to leave she pouted and got in the car

Here we come Fabulous wedding (hope they don't mind I brought Coco) See you soon!:)