Monday, April 2, 2012

Goodwill Shopping

So today I decided I would run into Goodwill just to see what they had and I found two barbies that weren't in to bad of shape brought them home and washed them up. I also noticed at the Goodwill all the dolls had no clothes on for some reason they stripped them of all their clothing and sold them naked which I really didn't get cause their were no clothes for sale LOL sooo. anyways I have these two dolls and don't have a clue what to do with them I would definitely love If you guys gave me some ideas I would greatly appreciate it thx :)


  1. I know at my Goodwill if you drop off clothing while they are closed they have to throw it away for some odd reason. Maybe they have the throw away the clothes the dolls are wearing too? O.0

    I would use them as test models for learning rerooting and face painting.

  2. That's really messed up. My moms husband works at Savers and when people bring in stuff they look and see what they want and just don't put it on the floor :( But I will use them as my test models hopefully they don't end up looking worse than they started out ahaha and I'll get me some hair to reroot them thank you sooo much :) Muff have a great day!

  3. Most of the dolls I purchase are naked at the thrift store. I am cool with that as long as it keeps the cost down. Stretchy fabric is great if you want to make clothing for them. It is nice to use and not much sewing is required. The fit is easier to do compared to other fabrics.

    1. I agree I try and save my daughters old clothes and use them to sew little items. But the stretchy do work best over their bodies